Who We Work With

Project Solutions work with a wide variety of building companies and developers around Australia.

We also work with local councils and statutory authorities involved in their own construction projects.

If you are like most of our current clients, there are 2 basic reasons why you might need a dilapidation report from Project Solutions:

  1. You are required to prepare a report by a local council in connection with a pending construction project, or…
  2. you want a report prepared prior to commencement of a project to protect yourself from possible legal claims concerning damage to surrounding properties.

If you require a dilapidation report for a pending construction project, Project Solutions can help efficiently and cost-effectively. We have worked with all of the major building companies in Australia and have years of experience in preparing accurate dilapidation reports for our clients.

You can browse our client list here.

For more information about how Project Solutions can help with the preparation of your dilapidation report, please contact us.