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Construction Companies – do you need an accurate, trustworthy dilapidation report for a building project?

Project Solutions works primarily with construction companies and developers all around Australia to deliver fast, accurate reports at a competitive rate. We have years of experience and specialise in preparing dilapidation reports.

If you are required to prepare a Dilapidation Report in connection with a construction project, Project Solutions can deliver an accurate, cost-effective report that meets all legal and regulatory requirements.

For over 10 years now, Project Solutions has been working with construction services firms & developers to document the pre-existing state of properties adjacent to a construction project. Over that time, Project Solutions has delivered hundreds of reports in connection with projects worth billions of dollars. Find out more about our clients, past & present.

Using the latest digital technology

Using the latest in digital technology, we can deliver dilapidation reports in a variety of formats – in bound, hard copy formats and/or as digital files, for easy storage and printing on-demand.

Our use of digital imagery and database-driven reporting guarantees a fast turn-around on your report at a competitive fee. We deliver quickly and cheaply to keep your construction project running smoothly.

Experienced consultants

Our team of experienced dilapidation consultants have spent thousands of hours assessing billions of dollars worth of property throughout NSW & Victoria.

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